Yankees followers maintain waiting for the Yanks to do a Yan

Yankees followers maintain waiting for the Yanks to do a Yan

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Yankees fans keep waiting for the Yanks to do a Yankee thing, at least one this offseason, at least before a possible labor pause with the CBA set to expire Wednesday. Because in the meantime, fans of the group take a look at every little thing occurring in cost-free company and believe that in some way Yankee Arena has actually been tipped over on its side. Or perhaps the whole baseball universe.
i asked my son to do one thing, and suddenly he has to poop
The Mets made 4 free-agent finalizings over the past week, the very first being a reported four-year deal for Starling Marte, somebody the Yankees can have used. And afterwards the large one for Max Scherzer on Monday, the offer that shook everybody's globe as owner Steve Cohen reportedly outlined $130 million over the next three years.
don’t make me go beth dutton on you


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